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Days to go: 206 Major set-backs: 1

The marathon journey has begun… sort-of. It’s too early to start following my Run Coach training plan, so I’ve been focusing on running and enjoying it. Which was great. I ran 15km with friends on Sunday and started to get excited about race day. Then we had interval training on Wednesday, which I love. I had shin pain in the warm-up and was limping a bit, but presumed it would go away. I did my first 2 1km efforts in good time, but finished in pain and had to pull out.

Off I went to the doctor today.

Diagnosis: Shin splints in my right leg. Plan: 1 week of total rest, followed by at least another 2 weeks off running.

Not a great start! But hey, people all over the world have shin splints, it could be worse. The new plan is to rest up, get in the pool and make a full recovery before I get out there and run again. With 206 days to go, I have plenty of time to recover, then re-build my running fitness.

May the roller-coaster ride continue.

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