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Days to go: 192

It’s quite tricky writing a blog about running when I’m not able to run at all, but here goes…..

In the last 2 weeks I have been swimming like never before. Daily. It’s bizarre, but I’m starting to really enjoy it, perhaps I should change tact and enter a swimming race? Maybe not.

I asked my running coach for advice on keeping fit, so I don’t feel like I’m back at square 1 when I am able to run again. The main thing he said is to keep the intensity high, I’m not allowed to casually swim laps at the same pace. So I’ve been doing long warm-ups in the pool, then sprints of 50-250m, depending on the day. I think this is the key, swimming is not boring at all when you break it up into chunks and race. Even if I am only racing the clock! At the end of a session I’m a) exhausted and b) experiencing the happy feelings most people would call runners high. Excellent!

One more week like this, then I’ll try a short run. Although, in all honesty, I don’t think my shins are ready yet. They can still get sore, which is not great after 2 weeks rest. Lucky I still have 192 days to go…….

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